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What is demi-fine jewellery?

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In the world of jewellery, there are three main types: statement, fashion and ‘fine’ jewellery. But now a new category is slowly emerging; one which looks set to take the industry by storm.

Enter, demi-fine jewellery. So what is it and why is this relatively new niche so championed?

If you’re looking to get in on the growing trend and wondering if it’s right for you, then read on.


Demi-fine jewellery dominates in a league of its own in a crowded market. It’s a comfortable ground between high-end luxury and fashion jewellery; consider it as bridging the gap between cheap costume jewellery and expensive fine jewellery.

Demi-fine jewellery pieces are crafted beautifully offering a minimalistic and understated look and yet giving off the look and feel of solid gold jewellery without the hefty price. The main difference between demi fine jewellery and ‘costume’ jewellery is the way in which it is made: the latter is made with base metal, the cheapest way to manufacture fast fashion pieces. Base metal is an unspecified mix of metals often flash plated with a thin layer of gold or silver: this is prone to discolouring very quickly and may contain metals such as nickel which irritate the skin.

For those seeking a luxurious yet affordable heirloom piece, demi-fine jewellery is their “go-to”. Demi-fine is a term used to describe jewellery crafted using precious metals and techniques such as gold vermeil plating. It’s the perfect marriage of fashion and luxury so you can wear contemporary jewellery designs crafted from high quality materials at an affordable price. It really does give you the best of both worlds.

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Looking after your demi-fine piece

As with anything in life, the better you look after your beautiful jewellery, the longer it will last. The main issue concerning most costume jewellery pieces is the plating will wear off or the piece will discolour. But a few simple steps will help to keep your jewellery intact.

It’s important to avoid using perfumes and lotions that may contain chemicals as this can be harmful to your jewellery. In turn, this can cause the colour to dull and the plating to wear. If this happens, you can gently clean it with a specialized polishing cloth.

Creatiste stands out in the jewellery market due to our hardened, thicker gold vermeil making our demi-fine jewellery stronger than standard costume pieces. This, in turn, ensure our products have strong longevity and are less likely to fade over time or suffer the effects of wear and tear.

How to pair your piece

Demi-fine pieces can be stacked or worn solo; whether it’s necklaces or rings, the world’s your oyster. All of our products are demi-fine, but if you’re after added ‘chic’, opt for a minimal look keeping things elegant and light with our specific product range – we have our Oval Diamond Bracelet or our dainty Inter Links earrings.

Demi fine is the jewel in the industry’s crown so why not let Creatiste make this Valentine’s Day memorable for that special someone in your life with a lovingly crafted, beautifully finished and long lasting piece to cherish forever.