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Gold Vermeil: The Timeless Jewellery Choice

When it comes to purchasing fine jewellery, there are endless options to choose from. From solid gold to gold plating, the options can be overwhelming. However, one option that is often overlooked is gold vermeil. But what exactly is gold vermeil and why should you consider it over other options? In this blog post, we will explore the origins and benefits of gold vermeil and why it’s the perfect choice for your next jewellery purchase from Creatiste.

The origins of gold vermeil can be traced back to the 18th century in France. At the time, the French monarchy was looking for a way to create affordable jewellery that still had the look and feel of solid gold. The solution was gold vermeil. It allowed them to create beautiful and luxurious jewellery without the high cost of solid gold. Today, gold vermeil is still a popular choice for fine jewellery and is used by many luxury brands.

Gold Vermeil Vs. Gold Plating

Whilst similar to gold plating, gold vermeil has some key differences which make it distinctive. Gold vermeil is also made through the gold plating technique but requires a thicker layer of gold. To be classified as true gold vermeil, the gold layer must be above 2.5 microns. It is usually five times thicker than standard plating, giving the jewellery greater durability and hardness and also making it far most affordable.

The three main differences to gold plating are:

  • Base metal: Whilst gold plating can take on any metal, from copper to brass, gold vermeil has to be on sterling silver.
  • Gold thickness: The second key difference is in the thickness of the metal layer. Gold plated has a minimum thickness of 0.5 microns, whilst vermeil has to be a thickness of at least 2.5 microns. When it comes to gold vermeil vs gold plated, gold vermeil is a minimum five times thicker than gold plating.
  • Durability: Due to its added thickness, gold vermeil is far more durable than gold plating. The base metal is stronger too. By having to replace your jewellery less often, simply because gold vermeil is stronger, means you can be kinder to the environment and more sustainable which complements our created diamonds.

Gold vermeil is also a great option for those with sensitive skin. Many people have allergic reactions to the metals used in traditional gold plating, such as nickel. However, gold vermeil is made with sterling silver, which is a hypoallergenic metal. This makes it a great option for those with sensitive skin.

Gold vermeil has a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns

Both gold vermeil and gold plated jewellery have their own unique advantages. If you want a higher quality, but still affordable piece which will endure frequent wear for years, gold vermeil is the ideal choice. It is an excellent affordable option for gold jewellery and, in the rankings of demi fine jewellery, gold vermeil certainly is the highest quality and most affordable option. It would be a more cost effective option than a solid gold ring, for example. Vermeil is real, genuine gold (18 carats). Creatiste’s gold vermeil pieces are designed to last a lifetime but if you prefer to change your style more often, gold plated jewellery may be a better option.

At Creatiste, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect jewellery for any occasion. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide selection of gold vermeil jewellery. Our collection includes everything from elegant necklaces to chic earrings. All of our gold vermeil jewellery is made with the highest quality materials and is designed to last.

When you shop with Creatiste, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality gold vermeil jewellery available. We take pride in the fact that our gold vermeil jewellery is not just beautiful but also affordable and long lasting.

In conclusion, gold vermeil is a beautiful, affordable and durable alternative to solid gold and gold plating. Its origins in 18th century France make it a timeless choice for those looking to purchase fine jewellery. Its thicker layer of gold makes it more resistant to wear and tear than traditional gold plating. And its use of sterling silver makes it a great option for those with sensitive skin. Creatiste offers a wide range of gold vermeil jewellery to choose from, all designed to last a lifetime. Shop with us today and experience the beauty of gold vermeil for yourself.