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Five spring fashion trends – and how to pair your Creatiste jewellery

Nothing perhaps epitomizes your sense of style quite like a luxury jewellery piece. Where jeans, T-shirts and blazers might form the staple on which your everyday ensemble is built, it’s pieces such as bracelets, rings, and earrings that bring a sense of personality to your lifestyle. 

As a result, many of us choose our jewellery with great care and consideration, especially when choosing fine, luxury items which you fall in love with as a fashion statement. Thankfully, jewellery trends tend to stick around longer than those of other fashion items – that’s if they ever dip out of favour at all – so the most important thing you can do is to invest in jewellery you truly love wearing.

So without further ado, here are some of the ‘must have’ pieces and styles with spring fast approaching. Here at Creatiste, let us help you to remain ‘on trend’ with our take on these stunning additions to your collection.

1. Maxi denim skirts

Mini skirts may have had their day, but maxi skirts have risen to prominence and we have the perfect pairing – bangles are very ‘on trend’ this year – edgy, creative, chic and ideal to show off your personality and style. Even if you decide to keep things relatively simple, the winning combination of both maxi skirts and Creatiste’s ‘bangle’ bracelets are a fashion statement to serve the test of time. Bangles really catch the eye with their acrylic beauty, perfect geometric shapes and animal print patterns. 

2. Drop waists

Inspired by the smash hit Netflix drama Bridgerton, Regencycore catapulted to prominence in 2022 with its throwback, regal inspired designs and all things pearl. The trend has metamorphosed into what essentially is it’s ‘younger sibling’: drop waists. With a corset like effect, the long, flowing waistband makes you look ultra elegant and, when paired with our stunning ‘peardrop’ style earrings, it is a match made in heaven. Our inter links earrings could provide a trendier alternative. 

3. Sheer is clear

Ethereal, dreamy and the epitome of femininity, sheer has gone from red carpet niche to number one street fashion accessory. Rihanna and Cher have championed the trend for years – think of it like a cellophane-style dress: a thin, semi transparent cloth in tandem with something denim and in tandem with a whole range of Creatiste products from our rings and earrings to bracelets and necklaces. Nothing would look out of place with sheer added to your wardrobe but we would recommend our Trio Stack and Emerald Cut rings. 

4. Utilitarian

Utilitarian style was already gaining traction in 2022, and in 2023 we expect to see it even bigger and better than before. The trend will have a special focus on clothes and accessories made for heightened comfort and functionality. If simple but stylish is what you’re after this spring, then the practicality of the returning utilitarian trend is for you. Drawing inspiration from military wartime fashion, hence the name, and post-apocalyptic styles, think cargo pants, buckles, straps, Carhatt jackets and belts. Utilitarian is popular because it’s reasonably priced, well made, fashionable, functional and versatile. Our range of link, chain, and medallion necklaces would pair superbly with anything of a utilitarian nature.

5. Ballet Flats

The balletcore look couldn’t be more on trend right now. So if you’re looking to buy a brand new pair of shoes, ballet flats are the right choice. Timeless and versatile for comfortable weekend wear, a stint in the office or a date night, the new ways they’re being styled will make them feel brand new. You absolutely can wear the minimalist shoe in a chic and modern way without harking back to the dark days of early aughts fashion.  Perfect with long, wide leg jeans layered with chunky white socks and a mini or maxi skirt: the footwear is relaxed, effortless, affordable, and a sensible swap for your trusty trainers. None of our jewellery products would look out of place with your new balletcore, but may we suggest our Diamond Herringbone necklace, Padlock chains, or Diamond Eternity ring as the best fit. 

We hope we have helped to inspire you when it comes to choosing, or adding to, your fashion collection this spring. Don’t forget to check out our full product range.