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About Us

More power to you

Creatiste represents the mark of a new era. We celebrate diversity and we stand for uniqueness and individuality. Our jewellery reflects these values, and each of our pieces are handcrafted and unique in its own way, just like you.

Creatiste is the newest luxury demi-fine jewellery brand to enter the market, and our expert team of artisans and manufacturers have established themselves in the industry as experts in created diamonds and gemstones. All our designs are one of a kind and each of our pieces is unique in its design, composition and entity.

We push the boundaries of creativity and self-expression. Our jewellery is art; the art of the possible.

Our ethos

We offer a coveted collection of affordable luxury jewellery, crafted to perfection. And that’s not all…

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We have a passion for creating ethical and conflict-free jewellery pieces. Our brand was founded on the pillar of sourcing ethical and sustainable materials, enjoying beautiful and unique jewellery pieces that are humble, affordable and sustainable.

We want to challenge the status quo by offering a new and modern alternative to natural diamonds and gemstones. Our journey began when exploring man-made, laboratory synthesised and stimulated diamonds and gemstones.

We think created diamonds and gemstones is the future

In addition to being a sustainable alternative to natural diamonds and gemstones, created diamonds and gemstones enables us to create objects of rare beauty but without the hefty price tag. Our created diamonds and gemstones are aesthetically perfect in appearance, through the use of our patented technology.